About me

My name is Astrid Bausch, Encaustic Artist.

I like to create and I hope I can touch people with my products, especially with my paintings. The idea behind the colors and swirls in my work are the reflections of the energy around me. These energies can touch people to the depths of their hearts.

So ... color and movement are important in my work!

Ten years ago I was able to get acquainted with Encaustic Art, an ancient technique of painting with colored beeswax. I paint by melting colored beeswax onto a special iron and then paint the melted wax on specially coated "ironing" paper or previously prepared canvas. When the wax solidifies, the wax drawing gets its permanent shape. Rubbing the wax paintings with a soft cloth creates a beautiful sheen. Finally, I seal the wax drawing by applying a special layer with a brush or roller, ensuring that the color and gloss remain well preserved.

I also paint on glass, architects paper and other surfaces - as long as the surface is smooth and can be prepared. I use other heat sources than the iron painter to paint such as hot air gun. I use various materials such as (gem) stones, tissues, gauze, cotton, tulle, etc., in my paintings.

Anyone can learn Encaustic Art. You do not need any experience in painting or drawing.

The making of wax paintings is soothing, inspiring, relaxing but above all very creative! Besides the wax paintings I also make other products from beeswax such as lamps, tea lights and gift packaging. I am still developing and keep looking at other materials or combinations with which I can work with. It is a journey which I immensely enjoy!

Astrid Bausch